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Luxury like no other

With their intrinsic value as nature’s most beautiful leather, crocodile skins are demanded by top fashion brands. The distinctive features of each one, which may include irregularities or color differences inherent to their natural origin, make each piece unique. A luxury genuine crocodile handbag is the one fashion accessory you cannot do without!


Certificate of authenticity

All our accessories are delivered with a certificate of origin to declare our products are made of genuine crocodile leather. You can mistake very high quality stamped (embossed) leather for genuine crocodile leather.


Quality leather

Especially the Siamese crocodile has a supple feel and has beautiful tiling. We solely use top-quality First and Second grade genuine Siamese crocodile skins in crocodile belly, crocodile hornback and crocodile backstrap cuts. Therefore our selected skins should have very few if any bulges in the leather.



We distinguish ourselves by only producing luxury products from the highest quality crocodile skins. All our skins are carefully selected to ensure our products are of the highest quality. We deal directly with certified farmers and tanners who produce high quality crocodile skins and hides.



All our products are handcrafted with care and skill. Everything we make is entirely crafted by hand in our workshops using traditional methods. Crocodile skin undergoes a special finishing process, which adds a touch of elegance and glamour.


crocodile leather

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